Bowral Accommodation Improvement: Traffic, Parking & Transport Strategy

To properly address the future growth concerns for Bowral Town, the Traffic and Transport Strategy has been developed by The Town Centre Council in order to cope up with the existing rapid developments. The peak of the growth which will affect Bowral accommodation is highly expected to happen within the Town Center from the present day and over the upcoming 20 years or so.


As adopted by the Town Centre Council way back on the 12th of December 2012 and was issued within the 10th of April 2013, the plan incorporates a strategy that is realistically achievable with various infrastructure concepts. The strategy also highlights present and longer-term projects as means of improving Bowral accommodation. Thus, it is expected that the desired outcome of the project will have broad changes to the management of parking, traffic, and transport.


The government anticipates that through the application of this strategy the transport pedestrian and equity safety throughout the Bowral Town Centre will have drastic improvements in direct proportion to its increasing population. With this, the Town Centre system will be able to operate at an acceptable level of service and Bowral businesses will flourish.


The networks of road infrastructure improvements of the strategy are supported by the testing scenario being handled and also with the Bowral Town Centre Paramics Model. Lastly, the government is open to ideas because the strategy was adopted with high consideration of community feedback. This enables the community to help to build answers to faqs about Bowral.