Bowral Businesses and Agriculture or Cultivation in Southern Highlands

Many of the traditional farming lands within the Highlands, after a century and a half, had ceased to operate. Traditional and minimal scale farming is no longer viable today compared to the early eras of highlands farming. Meanwhile, with the rise of an industrial and scientific scale farming and different sectors of Bowral businesses, the emergence of a new generation of “lifestyle” for farmers had given them a tremendous amount of success in terms of new ventures on blocks under 100 acres.


However, significant agricultural lands had been absorbed or alienated into the fast-growing spread of the metropolitan highlands district and Bowral real estate developments. This may pose a threat to the future of food production industry for the reason that the highlands is one of the key locations for food production within the country.


Nevertheless, this does not totally eradicate the rural and agricultural setup of the district. Because of the heavy reliance on technological development, new enterprises that supplanted the traditional methods emerged which had intensified the agricultural process. As the population in the area increases, as time goes by, broadacre farming will be replaced by the smaller boutique and intensive farming.


Also, as long as the Council protects both bushland and floodplains from development, it is expected that the character of the landscapes will be retained for future generations. Despite the protection, it is expected that these landscapes will have different features from the past.


At present, the locals are much more aware of the importance of the southern highlands Bowral businesses that are engaged in the food industry. ¬†They are much more interested now in the provenance of their food and the future of local farming. Hence, this will pretty much intensify Bowral financial and the appearance of farmer’s markets in the towns. Moreover, the abundance of water within the Highlands secured its spot for an area designated for food production.