Famous Festivals in Bowral Town

In the past, Bowral served as a large reservoir of many renown historic events. And for that reason the emergence of many grand festival events followed. Being considered as a good strategic location, Bowral is close to many other historic towns, in which it is 5 kilometres from Mittagong, 9 kilometres from both Moss Vale and Berrima. The suburb of East Bowral and the village of Burradoo are also  nearby. Thus, many outsiders from the town visit annually which generated revenues for the locals.

Here are some of the most celebrated festivals within Bowral Town:


Southern Highlands Food & Wine Festival


This year’s upcoming Southern Highlands Food & Wine Festival will start at the 30th of September. It again features the usual gourmet showcase which will provide opportunity for locals to  have their dishes immersed in the public including all delightful things such as food and wine. There is an expected huge crowd from outside that will swarm the Southern Highlands. They will join the locals in this showcase of locally produced entertainment, culinary activities and even wine tasting together with a delightful range of various types of cuisine from the entire region.

This will surely attract every food and wine enthusiast from Sydney, Wollongong, The South Coast, Canberra and even those that are from outside the country. In addition, the festival will also feature free wine tastings from world-class local wineries which comes with educational talks regarding the topic as well.


Tulip Time Festival


Tulip Time Festival will be celebrated for the 57th time this coming September 12 this year. It is known as a world-class festival which makes it one of Australia’s biggest floral festivals that attracts tens of thousands of visitors annually. The main centerpiece of the festival is the massive amount of tulips with numbers estimating to 75,000 tulip bulbs and 15,000 annuals which is located at  Corbett Gardens. The festival is usually celebrated during spring. The gardens within are  also filled with fun and exciting activities. These include various walks, talk shows, street fairs, floral displays and entertaining concerts throughout the festival.


Bowral Autumn Music Festival


Bowral Autumn Music Festival has gradually established itself as one of the town’s highlights annually. As a festival which is located at the heart of the Southern Highlands, the Director, Myee Clohessy has invited a wide range of exceptional musicians and performers who are capable of offering entertainment for all kinds of chamber music lovers. Classical music by Mozart, Bach, Haydn, Schubert, Beethoven, Schumann, Brahms and Mendelssohn together with the delightful and heartwarming new works by Australian composers such as  Sally Whitwell, Ross Edwards, Ann Carr- Boyd, Percy Grainger, Dan Walker and Nicholas Vines are all gonna be part of the musical line-up.

The town’s economy is mainly driven by enormous number of tourists on visit. If you are into European elegance and you happen to be from Sydney then Bowral events are most likely the perfect answer meet those needs.