Historical Places in Bowral and Holiday Destinations

Experience the Bowral events. Considered to be a town which has a very rich historical background, it is a home to many recognized places all over the country serving as tourist attractions and holiday destinations. Many of these places bring fond memories regarding its early days and each place is a must-visit for tourists to discover.

Below are places that resonate the earliest days of the town:

  1. Bowral’s Art Gallery


Founded during the 50s, also known as Berrima District Art Society, the gallery is a very active center for arts in the Southern Highlands. Within the society seeks to promote appreciation of arts and Bowral events from the town itself. Various types of arts were separated distinctively for adults and children. The workshop covers a wide range of art types from printmaking and drawings to sculptures.

  1. St. Jude’s Church


The structure and design of the church buildings are surrounded by historical attractiveness.  Stationed at the heart of  Bowral, the church is very much at the core of the town’s history.  It has its own cemetery placed across public schools which was first established in 1867. It is currently beyond 100 years old and is one of the major churches for Anglican Christians.

  1. Corbett Gardens


The garden dates back to 1911 and is also the major host of the town’s “Tulip Time Festival”, you may also want to read about the Things to Do When in Bowral Town, displaying huge arrangements of tulips which perfectly blooms every spring. Being one of the oldest parks in town host to one of its best holidays, the garden still attracts an estimate of 39,000 people each year. Furthermore,  the festival displays an estimate of 75,000 tulips which heavily entices people all over the country to visit it. The entry to the garden is free most of the time and only during festivals that they charge entrance fees.