Southern Highlands Christmas Fair

As Christmas is approaching, the majestic town of Bowral has its own fair share of preparations. Grand events and various entertainments are up for grab as tourists flock around the retirement town. Among all the events in the area, the Southern Highlands Special Christmas Market stands out from the rest.


This Special Christmas Market is usually celebrated in the 13th of December annually located at Sutton Forest in Winery of The Southern Highlands. It one of the most widely celebrated Christmas Markets across the country that sells classy merchandise which makes it definitely worth the long hours of drive. Usually, the event happens during weekends to enhance the availability of the event and parking isn’t a problem because it has its parking lot. It is definitely, the perfect place for you to have a taste of the country life just for a weekend in one of the most beautiful looking places in the country. Delight yourself with freshly gathered tasty local fruits and chestnuts that really bloom in this holiday season. You can also directly speak to farmers and discover the proper process of modern dairy production. This includes the production of potato gourmet in which you will be able to see how they are put up in a bottle.


By having that relaxing drive in one of the most lovely country roads will surely release all your stress from the busy metropolis life as you pass by many farming properties abound in this area.