Things to Do When in Bowral

Bowral is a majestic town filled with all kinds of fun activities. Found within a picturesque land of  Southern Highlands, visiting Bowral town will not only astonish you of its sceneries but it will also fill you with fun and exciting adventures ahead.

Below are some of Bowral’s most fun-filled places that are surely worthy to invest your time at:

Bradman International Cricket Hall of Fame

Located within a visually attractive area within Southern Highlands town of Bowral where Donald Bradman (widely acknowledged as the greatest Batsman in the history of cricket) grew up, the Bradman Museum is a technologically advanced Museum that depicts the history of the cricket game from the dawn of its existence throughout the course when it reached the Bradman era and World Series Cricket towards the modern day game setup and the emergence of T20. After a visit in this museum, you will become deeply astonished when you get to know more knowledge  the behind legend Donald Bradman and the amazing game of cricket.

The Corbett Gardens

The best time in the year to visit Corbett Gardens is during the Tulip Festival. The gardens are filled with dedicated gardeners ready to showcase a vast number of tulips to entertain the guests. This is a place which you can easily access because it is located within the centre of Bowral in which you can enter at anytime to enjoy by either having picnic on the seats or under the pavilions or just by simply touring the area ahead. It’s one of Australia’s most beautiful and relaxing garden that can help you unwind from the stressful city life.

Centennial Vineyards

Dining at Centennial is really a delightful and romantic experience. This place is the perfect place for any kind of celebration. When entering the area, it would be best to first have a  quick look at the cellar door. This enables you to access a variety of wines which makes your selection a lot easier. This gives lots of convenience on what you want because there’s still lots of food menus ahead to choose. Everything within the food that they serve is delicious and it is paired with customer service like no other. When you come in first time, you will surely want to go back quickly here, because it will  surely give you a satisfying experience!

Bowral Golf Club

The Bowral golf club provides its members a great golf experience in a visually attractive place which is very close to the town’s centre. A mix of English and native trees form an avenue that borders the fairways. Considered among the best country courses in NSW, Bowral Golf Club has a high slope rating of 121 which also has excellent fairways paired with grass fields that are truly green. The layout is truly challenging as it poses a lot of competition ahead for all levels.  

Bowral Town, currently known as the most prosperous town in the Southern Highlands, is still evolving in terms of the availability of entertaining activities within. Just recently, traveling or living within Bowral have become identical with living a luxurious life. However, Bowral is presented to day as a town of sophistication and it prides itself with its up-market business firms that will surely fill in your holiday travel needs.